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So why choose Manchester Dentists?

Gentle: We always take the time to listen so that I understand your needs and wants and can provide the most appropriate treatment for you

Holistic: whenever possible I use materials and techniques, such as dental Composite,  Propolis and Zirconium Oxide, which will also leave you generally healthier as they don’t have unwanted side effects. We don’t use mercury amalgam.

Tooth Preservation: we use adhesive white dental filling materials with a tooth preservation technique so that as much healthy tooth as possible remains. this means your teeth will be stronger.

Tek-Scan Computerised Occlusal Analysis: this state-of-the-art device allows me to detect with pin-point accuracy any occlusal (bite) imbalances and so advise you on how to restore that balance. This means that I can diagnose, treat and prevent tooth fractures, pain/discomfort on eating and certain headaches.

Only Me: We only have the one dentist, I am the only dentist or dental operator you will see this means you can be reassured that your treatment will be consistent. Dr Foxthome 

Cosmetic Treatments we offer


Custom made from thin porcelain, dental veneers are a great way to transform your smile in just one treatment. Designed to stick to the front of your teeth, they cover the whole surface – meaning they hide many imperfections, from discolouring and chips to cracked, crowded and misaligned teeth.

Easy, cost-effective and versatile, it’s no wonder they are the go-to treatment for so many. They can be used to mask a single tooth, but are most often used as part of a complete smile makeover.

The process

First, we will discuss your treatment plan before offering a diagnosis. We will then prepare your teeth by taking a thin layer of enamel from the surface (about half a millimetre – roughly equal to the thickness of the veneer) so as to prevent them looking and feeling bulky, before shaping them. We will then take an impression of your teeth and choose the shade which most closely matches the colour of your teeth, before sending them off to the dental laboratory to be constructed.

Once back, they will be permanently bonded to your teeth, using a strong glue-based cement and a special light which helps activate the chemicals to ensure it hardens quickly.
The process is fine-tuned to suit you and your teeth, and once ready, you can be sure that the veneers will give you a naturally beautiful smile.
Our team is highly skilled and will ensure your veneers are fit in a hassle and pain-free way – leaving you with a dazzling smile.