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A dental crown fits over the remaining part of a tooth to help strengthen it and make it look whole again. Crowns may be needed for teeth which are damaged or decayed, following root canal treatment or to help support a dental bridge, as well as to improve the appearance, shape or alignment of a tooth.

First, we will prepare your tooth, numbing both the tooth and surrounding area with local aesthetic. We will then take an impression of the area around your tooth, as well as the matching shade to your surrounding teeth, to ensure that your custom-made crown is indistinguishable. You will be fitted with a temporary one for a couple of weeks before receiving the permanent crown, which will be bonded in place with special dental cement.


Bridges (false teeth) fill a gap between teeth in a permanent and natural-looking way and are normally recommended if you’re missing more than one tooth or need a more extensive restoration than a crown. They are usually made of a hard-wearing precious metal base, such as gold, covered with tooth-coloured porcelain. The two neighbouring teeth will usually need to have crowns fixed on to them before being connected by the bridge.